ModHous A11

IMG_6164ModHous A11 Pricing

Included: in $29,500.00

External dimensions (LxWxH) 16.05 x 7.55 x 8.0
Main Structure: 2.5mm galvanized bended steel
Roof: 1.2mm corrugated sheet
Wall Panel: 1.0mm corrugated sheet (external) and nanoplate (inner) with 75mm rockwool
insulation (R-13)
Ceiling Panel: 75mm rockwool insulation (R-13) + PVC paneling
Flooring: Waterproof floor, Cement fibrolite plate as base and laminate flooring as decoration
Entrance Door: Single 36″ security door.

5 windows, 1 of which is used for window AC
Inner Doors: Sliding doors (aluminum alloy, single frosted glass)
Windows: Bedroom end all glass (tempered glass)
Bathroom window (aluminum alloy, dual pane, frosted glass
Kitchen window (aluminum alloy, dual pane)
Bathroom Fittings: 1 toilet, 1 shower, 1 sink & cabinet, commodity shelf, towel rack, tile floor
Kitchen Cabinets: Bottom and top cabinets and one over refrigerator area.
Portable induction burner
Kitchen sink and faucet
Quartz countertop
One faucet outdoors & one inlet outdoors
Laminate Flooring
Tile Bathroom Flooring
Electrical: 9 interior sockets, 3 switches, 3 led interior lights, 1 electrical panel outdoors
Electrical Panel, Meter & 30 AMP RV outlet
Solar Pre-wire
HVAC: Window AC

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